Duplex Ultrasound

Sonography or ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that creates images of the structures within the body with the help of reflected sound waves.

Duplex sonography is a process which combines regular ultrasound (image the structure of blood vessels) and Doppler ultrasound (images the flow of blood) to show abnormalities in blood vessels, which affect blood flow.

Abdominal duplex sonography is performed to evaluate the important vessels (aorta and iliac arteries) passing through the abdomen. These arteries deliver blood to the major organs in the body. The test provides details such as

  • blood flow in the arteries
  • speed of the blood flow
  • diameter of a blood vessel and degree of narrowing if present

The abdominal duplex ultrasound procedure is performed after a nights’ fast so that bowel gases do not interrupt the ultrasound imaging. During the procedure, you will lie on a table and a gel is applied to the abdominal area to help the transmission of sound waves. A transducer is then moved over the abdomen to capture images of the blood vessels. Your surgeon then examines the images for abnormalities in blood vessels.

This procedure is a non-invasive, accurate and safe method of diagnosis and does not have any side effects.