Payment Options

What will it cost me to see Dr Mylankal?

  • Initial consultation
  • $ 160
  • Subsequent consultation
  • $ 70

Your private health funds do not cover the expenses for out of hospital consultations but a Medicare rebate applies to all patients holding a Medicare card with a valid referral letter. Vascular Care Adelaide requests that all payments are made on the day of the consultation.

Cost of Surgery and Procedures.

Vascular Care Adelaide aims to inform you accurately the estimated cost involved in the surgery including any out of pocket expenses. However, it is difficult to predict what might be required at the time of the procedure and hence the final cost may be different to the initial estimate.

How about uninsured patients?

Uninsured patients are welcome to see Dr Mylankal in his private rooms. They are eligible for Medicare rebate but will have a small gap payment for the consultation. If waitlisted for a procedure or surgery, Dr Mylankal will perform this in a public hospital although you will have to wait for your turn on the waitlist.


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