Vascular Malformations

What is a Vascular malformation?

These are an abnormal cluster of blood vessels that develop during growth, as early as a foetus. The exact cause for these malformations is unknown. As a child, these may not often be easily identified but with growth of the child, these abnormal vessels undergo growth as well and sometimes may appear in later life.

What are the symptoms of vascular malformations?

They may have the appearance of a discoloured patch on the skin, a blemish or a mass and can sometimes be very painful, cause swelling and bleeding.

How is a vascular malformation diagnosed?

The majority of these malformations are diagnosed clinically and by physical examination. Your doctor might recommend an ultrasound or MRI to get more detailed information which may also assist in formulating a management strategy.


Vascular malformations are challenging to treat and may not completely disappear even with medical and surgical treatment.